Miriam Vareldzis

The nose for your brand

education + scent development + natural* perfumery materials expertise

For the past century, bringing a fragrance to life was a secretive and mysterious process.  Perfumers, formula and ingredients were kept hidden in the dark.  We shine a light on every aspect of your scented project.


Unlike any other fragrance consultancy, we specialize in the design and development of fully transparent, 100% natural* aromatic fragrance formulations.


Through our services we tell the story of your brand through the beauty and integrity of our materials.


*iso9235 compliant to the definition of aromatic, natural raw materials*

Indie to Industry


We have over 29 years of ‘full spectrum’ behind-the-scenes industry experience, and work with both large scale international beauty brands, and smaller scale indie ventures.


Clients include:

  • Brands

  • Beauty entrepreneurs

  • Labs

  • Formulators

  • Agencies

  • Perfumers developing natural scent


  • Education

  • Evaluation

  • Scent Development  

  • Strategic Partnerships + Collaborations

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