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education + scent development + natural* perfumery materials expertise

For the past century, bringing a fragrance to life was a secretive and mysterious process.  Perfumers, formula and ingredients were kept hidden in the dark.  We shine a light on every aspect of your scented project.


Unlike any other fragrance consultancy, we specialize in the design and development of fully transparent, 100% natural* aromatic fragrance formulations.


Through our services we tell the story of your brand through the beauty and integrity of our materials.


*iso9235 compliant to the definition of aromatic, natural raw materials*


Indie to Industry


We have over 29 years of ‘full spectrum’ behind-the-scenes industry experience, and work with both large scale international beauty brands, and smaller scale indie ventures.






With over 29 years in the fragrance & beauty industry, we’ve met some wonderful collaborators in the supply chain.


Whether you need a green beauty formulator, small batch contract filler, naturals focused fragrance house or cosmetic raw material supplier, we can provide a trusted relationship.


Collaboration is part of the scent development process. From fine fragrance, personal care, haircare, spa, Aromatherapy, home + ambient space scent, candle or household products. Our services partner with you every step of the way until your scent is fully approved in the finished base.

Clients include:

  • brands

  • beauty entrepreneurs

  • labs

  • formulators

  • agencies

  • perfumers developing natural scent

  • chemists

  • haircare, spa, Aromatherapy*, personal care, home care, candle and fine fragrance end uses

A note about Aromatherapy:  we partner with fully trained, certified aromatherapists to create your holistic, health & wellness blend based on the art + science of Aromatherapy.

Who is ‘the nose for your brand'?
With 29+ years of experience in the fragrance industry, you are in excellent hands with Miriam.
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"When it comes to finding the perfect natural scent for your most important formulas, Miriam is the accomplished expert that goes above and beyond to deliver the ideal solution. A pleasure to work with, she not only understands the intricate world of fragrance, but the personal care industry as well."

— Kellie Lambert, Director of Product Marketing & Development