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The Story Behind
the Brand

Miriam Vareldzis, the creative director and founder of Palette Naturals , has been intimately involved with perfumery for most of her exciting career. Inspired by her life-long love of scent, she embarked upon a journey that brought her to her recent decision to launch her new visionary inspiration, Palette Naturals - a company tailored to the needs of the changing fragrance industry, by leading the way with an unprecedented, game-changing offering.


In the past few years, several interesting parallels have occurred: the incredible demand for natural products across many markets; the rise of the independent perfumer; and the explosion of the ‘green beauty entrepreneur.’ In addition, consumers started realizing that they needed full access to truthful ingredient transparency for their health and safety. This was unheard of in the fragrance industry and is causing a seismic shift. Clients and associates started asking for natural perfumery creations that had more complexity, sophistication, lift, brilliance and transparency than traditional natural perfume, or aromatherapy.


This was a complete 360° change of direction for the fragrance industry - and a new, exciting adventure for Miriam. Many beauty brands don’t have the time, money or experience to become perfumers as they create and launch their brands, especially considering the difficulty involved in navigating natural fragrance regulations. Palette Naturals was conceived to fill this void. Miriam has expertly designed a collection of the highest quality, 100% natural perfumery blending accords in compliance with the ISO 9235 definition of aromatic natural raw materials. Each fragrance accord is created by olfactive family, for use by formulators, chemists, beauty entrepreneurs, and perfumers. These blends utilize exquisite raw materials, provide truthful claims, transparent ingredient lists and low minimums - enabling transparency, visibility, trust and Truth in Materials - the ‘hot-buttons’ for consumers today.  


"Palette Naturals provides the building blocks for the creation of more complex blends - streamlining the ‘perfume architecture’ in support of unlimited compositions, excellence and creativity - helping to construct better brand positioning."


Palette Naturals offers expertise, guidance and education, balancing 100% natural perfumery raw ingredients with the reality of global regulations, partnering with customers for long-term world-wide success. Palette Naturals is concerned with the timeliness and health of your brand - and the health and safety of your customers.


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