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The Nose for
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education + scent development + natural* perfumery materials expertise

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Presented by Miriam Vareldzis,
Founder & CEO

For the past century, bringing a fragrance to life was a secretive and mysterious process.  Perfumers, formula and ingredients were kept hidden in the dark.  We shine a light on every aspect of your scented project.


Unlike any other fragrance consultancy, we specialize in the design and development of fully transparent, 100% natural* aromatic fragrance formulations.


Through our services we tell the story of your brand through the beauty and integrity of our materials.


*iso9235 compliant to the definition of aromatic, natural raw materials*

Indie to Industry


We have over 30 years of ‘full spectrum’ behind-the-scenes industry experience, and work with both large scale international beauty brands, and smaller scale indie ventures.


Olfactive training empowers the confidence of creation. We offer three tiers of Education. All are aimed at teaching the language of olfaction while smelling the aromatic natural raw materials (notes and accords) of natural perfumery in service of your project. Olfactive Training 101: This training is a two-hour smelling session of the olfactive families using the complete set of Palette Naturals perfumery blending accords. Our most time efficient class; the perfect foundation to perfumery evaluation, Olfactive creative development and scent formulation. Individuals or Teams. Customized Training: This training is aimed as part of the creative development process specific to your brand. Especially for formulators, product development teams, marketers, beauty entrepreneurs. Customized Training requires the client to submit a brief, and any branding assets relevant to the project. Training includes creative formula direction for 3-5 blends, depending on project scope. A Journey through the Genealogy of Scent: This is an in-depth, deep dive into the materials of natural perfumery. Created for the student who wants to expand their knowledge and olfactive memory of the materials of natural perfumery. Both notes and accords of natural perfumery are evaluated in this four-hour, in-depth course. This course lays the foundation for future perfumery education. This is an ideal course for brand and marketing professionals, individuals and lab professionals. This course is not taught via Zoom. Please inquire to schedule your team of at least 6 people for this training. (Please note: this is not a perfumery blending course). ​I am currently booking individuals and project teams for Olfactive Training & Custom Project Consultations via Zoom Please inquire to schedule your dates.


Creative Evaluation: Perhaps you have a scent partially developed, or a concept in sketch-form. Or you resonate with several raw materials, but have no idea how to proceed from inspiration to formulation. With our professional nose-time, we take you from beginning to completion. Or, if you are mid-way, we can do a scent evaluation and consultation. Minimum 90 minutes with brief. Base Odor Evaluation: We offer base-odor evaluation for all projects, especially full-spectrum CBD formulations. If you are a lab or formulator with unscented bases on hand, please consider a base-odor evaluation database creation. We do this quickly & reasonably.


With all unique projects, we make it simple to begin the process. There are four ways to work with us to develop your natural scent: Fragrance Consultancy: Miriam is your nose, liaison and partner every step of the way while collaborating with one of the major fragrance houses to develop your custom scent, from scratch. Inquire to submit a project brief. Formulation with the Palette Naturals Collection: Beginning with the Customized Training Session, Miriam will work with you specifically on a current project. Formulation using the Palette Naturals Collection will be guided and evaluated both as concepts and in the finished bases. Inquire to submit a project brief. Palette Naturals Collection: use the PN Collection as your own personal natural perfumery kit-of-parts. Purchase the kit and a one-on-one training session with the kit for extra support. Advisory: hourly fee to consult on direction, strategic planning vis a vis scent and scented product development.

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A note from Miriam

I am no longer accepting new BtoB fragrance development clients.

If you are interested in the Palette Naturals Fragrance Training Session, please click here to book your training.

Thank you for your continued enthusiasm and support for Palette Naturals!

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