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For all orders 16 oz. and above, please allow 2-4 weeks delivery.
For orders above 1 kg., please email for invoice and shipping details.

Welcome to the Palette Naturals® Complete 20 Accords Collection + 90 minute olfactive training session smelling each of the accords, via Zoom meeting.
Please email to book your appointment upon placing order.
Open to international clients!
Up to 2 participants.


The Sample Set is the best way to evaluate and experiment with the Accords Collection.
Each set contains one 5ml bottle of each accord.

Oils are at 100% concentration. Neat oils must be used in dilution.


The Accords are designed as ‘building blocks’ for perfumery development. Use individually, in combination with each other, or as an addition to your existing formulations and creations.


Back in 2017 when we launched the company, we knew that 14 perfumery blending accords were just the beginning.  Like colors in a rainbow, there are so many beautiful ingredients in natural perfumery.  We’ve added five new accords in distinct olfactive families to expand your palette.


Fruity notes to add a luscious splash, a minty aromatic blend to cool and invigorate.  A much requested floral Rose, delicate, fresh and dewy.  Plus two anchoring accords: a classic Vanilla and a much-sought-after Botanical Musk.

Complete 20 Accords Sample Kit + TRAINING SESSION

  • Each blend is a 100% natural perfumery accord in compliance with the ISO9235 definition of aromatic natural raw materials, which may contain one or more of the following:

    essential oils, absolute, CO2 extraction, molecular distillation, fraction or isolate of natural origin, infusion or tincture.



    *See individual accords for specific documents*


compliant with

ISO 9235

definition of aromatic
natural raw materials

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