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Reminiscent of old spice markets, green forest woods, or soft sweet resins, these accord families are enveloping, nurturing, sweet, and grounding. The Spice accords include a vast number of spices, seeds, beans, and pods that are typically encountered first in the kitchen, making their way to the perfumers’ palette. Resins captured in the Amber accords are sweet, enveloping and nurturing. The Woods invoke the dry pencil-shavings effect of Cedar, bracing camphoraceousness of Eucalyptus, freshness of Pine, or the clean damp earthiness of Vetiver and Patchouli. With longer lasting signatures than top or middle notes, these blends act as a base and natural fixative for your botanical composition.

Resins, Woods & Spices Kit


    compliant with

    ISO 9235

    definition of aromatic
    natural raw materials

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