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JULY 2018

Hi Friends,

Welcome to the second Palette Naturals® Indie to Industry© Insider.

The 40notes Language of Olfaction Series is back !

Have you ever dreamed of visiting Paris, wandering through cafes and shops at your leisure, crossing the Pont Neuf, strolling along the River Seine? All the while worried your French isn’t a la hauteur (up to par)? Quel Horreur! Pronunciation, let alone usage of an entire language, can be a barrier to entry. Or at least to self-confidence.

So too, in speaking the language of scent.

Perhaps you may not have access to formal perfumery training. Or, erroneously believe you don’t have a good sense of smell. Maybe you don’t know that fragrance families are a ‘thing’, just like colors on a color-wheel. Or maybe you’re a blossoming indie perfumer who can rock a fragrance formula, but still refer to all natural ingredients as ‘essential oils’!

In truth, regardless if you are an olfactive novice, product formulator or industry insider, you simply may not yet have the vocabulary to describe what you are smelling in the first place.

The 40notes signature workshop, “A Journey through the Genealogy of Scent” is an intensive olfactive immersion into the world of aromatic natural raw materials. Spend a day smelling the building blocks of natural perfumery: personally experience the notes, accords and fragrance families that create the genealogy of scent. Not only will you clearly recognize your Florals from your Amber Balsamics, you will come to understand the crucial difference between an essential oil, absolute, CO2 extraction, isolate and a fraction; and their extraction methods.

As I like to say, “an essential oil is not a molecule” (cue future newsletter).

And the good news: each of the workshops has a theme that hones your expertise.

Layer the classes like your favorite Neroli Essential Oil and Orange Blossom Absolute.

So, the next time you inhale freshly cut grass, instead of sheepishly whispering that Green Accord has a certain je ne sais quoi, you will be able to say with confidence that yes, in fact, it smells dewy, moist, earthy, a bit like cut-grass mixed with a hint of gasoline, and very botanical.

Et Voila!

PS: all of the French in this newsletter had to be confirmed with my translate app.

Just say’n.

With much love for what we do,


Founder/Creative Director

Palette Naturals, 40notes. LLC.

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