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welcome to the 'Ingredient Transparency Revolution'

100% natural perfumery blending accords

Chances are, you arrived here because you care about the ‘Ingredient Transparency Revolution’ that is reshaping the fragrance and beauty industry right now.


Or, because you care about 100% natural, high quality perfumery ingredients for your products and formulations.


Or, because you care about the health and safety of your customers, your products, and your brand.


And, because we know you care about integrity, transparency and quality, “Indie to Industry”™, we are here to help.

so relax,
we have options.
we have solutions.
we are Palette Naturals.



compliant with
ISO 9235
definition of aromatic natuaral raw materials

Palette Naturals   is a curated collection of 100% natural perfumery blending accords developed in strict compliance with the ISO 9235 definition of aromatic natural raw materials. We offer superior quality blends utilizing exquisite raw materials, provide truthful claims, transparent ingredient lists and low minimums.


Created by olfactive family, the collection expands the naturals palette available to formulators, chemists, contract fillers, beauty entrepreneurs / executives, and of course, perfumers.


In addition, Palette Naturals  offers expertise, guidance and education, balancing our product offering with the reality of global regulations and partnering with customers for long-term, world-wide success.

Palette Naturals  - bringing 100% natural perfumery with ingredient transparency to the world of beauty.





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